Accompanying Parent Instructional Guide, Answer Key & Student Answer Form

At this time when schools are implementing learning-at-home initiatives for students, families are looking for options that will help supplement that learning with materials they can feel confident using with their children. To assist with this effort, the makers of the STAAR MASTER® suite of products, used in classrooms across the state, have assembled parent kits that will help families use our supplemental curriculum materials with their children at home.

Student & Parent Kits for the Home can be purchased on our online store

Parent Kits contain two STAAR MASTER® work texts for both math and reading, a complete answer key for each work text, and an answer form for student responses that make it easy for parents to grade. Math and reading are foundational subjects, so each kit focuses on those two subject areas. The Parent Instructional Guide provides parents with a learning schedule to follow with their children to ensure they progress through the material at an appropriate pace. The Parent Answer Key provides parents with the answers to all of the questions in each of the four work texts, so there is no guessing involved! Parent Answer Keys also contain instructions on how to quickly and easily grade the multiple-choice questions in the respective work texts. And the Student Answer Form provides response lines for questions that do not have response lines given in the work texts.

Below please find FREE copies of these three documents available as downloadable PDFs for customers who have purchased a Student & Parent Kits For The Home.