STAAR MASTER® Digital is fully aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This program is designed for use as a curriculum supplement to be used in blended and/or fully virtual classrooms. Leveraging our proprietary PREPWORKS® with its award-winning Learning positioning system (LPS), STAAR MASTER® Digital is a unique combination of assessments, instructional activities, and reporting/analytics. These three elements work together in unison to drive increased student outcomes. The rigorous alignment to TEKS combined with real-time customized reporting helps teachers ensure coverage and competency in standards and benchmarks.

STAAR MASTER® Digital is currently available for Math grades 5-9, including Algebra 1. RLA courses are coming in 2020-2021 and additional subjects and grades will follow.

Specifications And Structure

The STAAR MASTER®Digital delivers content according to a learner's strengths and weaknesses. After assessing a student's abilities in a set of related topics, individual difficulty levels are assigned to each lesson. With its proprietary Learning Positioning System® technology, STAAR MASTER® Digital identifies gaps in the student's knowledge and delivers a customized set of lessons and practice. STAAR MASTER® Digital is ideal for both first-time test-takers as well as re-testers and may be used as review and remediation throughout the academic year or as a targeted resource for semester-long and intensive programs.


With 50 national awards of excellence in education technology, including ISTE Best in Show three years in a row, Learning Positioning System® (LPS) technology is leading the industry in adaptive learning. LPS serves as a GPS in education, continuously measuring each student's performance and potential in a given lesson and adapting the learning experience at every turn, according to the level of difficulty, type of content, scope, and sequence. This proprietary platform maximizes student outcome.

Progress Reports and Standards Reports provide a new level of visibility into student performance. With STAAR MASTER®real-time reporting and analytics, students and teachers can easily track progress and performance in each lesson area and standard, with at-a-glance views for completion, mastery and time spent. Reports are aggregated to the student, class, grade, school, and district levels.


STAAR MASTER® Digital is browser-based and features a responsive design for use on any device, including Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones. Connectivity through LTI, Clever, and Google SSO ensures a seamless implementation.

STAAR MASTER®Digital is backed by our Score Guarantee. With almost 40 years of successful outcomes, we remain dedicated to advancing our students' achievements. To this end, we are proud to offer the STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee to ensure schools and teachers achieve great success.