STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee

We Belive in our Products and stand by our results!


STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee

With almost 40 years of successful outcomes, we remain dedicated to advancing our students' achievements. To this end, we are proud to offer the STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee to ensure schools and teachers achieve great success.

STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee ensures that school performance, as measured by official STAAR® results, will increase year over year when using the STAAR MASTER® System (up to the top 10% in the state). We believe in our products and stand by our results. If a qualifying school implements the STAAR MASTER® System with fidelity and does not see an improvement in proficiency rates on the STAAR® test, we will provide free replacement products for students who did not achieve a minimum passing score or higher on the STAAR®, as well as free teacher training, to ensure that every student meets or exceeds the standards.

In pursuit of our mission, to help ALL students achieve academic success, we are proud to offer the STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee to Texas schools.


STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee is available starting in Spring 2019 for the following products:

Grades 3-8 STAAR MASTER® Math: Student Practice Books and Practice Tests
Grades 3-8 STAAR MASTER® Reading: Student Practice Books and Practice Tests


To qualify for STAAR MASTER® Score Guarantee, eligible schools and districts need to fully implement the STAAR MASTER® System as demonstrated by:

Participation in annual STAAR® testing in order to establish a year-over-year benchmark.

Purchase and use both STAAR MASTER® Student Practice Books and Practice Tests.

Use the STAAR MASTER® System for an entire grade level and subject area.

A minimum of 90% of teachers for the given grade and subject must attend a complimentary 30-minute webinar on how to make the most of the STAAR MASTER® System and how to use the Teacher Reference Guides for Differentiated Instruction.
Students must complete at least 90% of the activities in Student Practice Books and both Practice Tests.


We measure score improvement by first establishing a baseline benchmark – the school’s prior year official performance2 on the STAAR® exam for the specific grade and subject. (Measurement will be at the school/campus level.) We are confident that current year performance will exceed the prior year.


In the event that the school’s performance does not improve year-over-year (excluding performance in the top 10% of the state), STAAR MASTER® will provide free replacement products for students who did not achieve a minimum passing score or higher on the STAAR®. 3 STAAR MASTER® will provide an additional complimentary 30-minute virtual professional workshop (for teachers), focusing on helping re-testers achieve STAAR® success.

  • 1 STAAR MASTER® materials must be purchased for and used by at least 90% of the students in the specific grade and subject at the school. This is important as we will use official published STAAR® results per grade and subject.
  • 2 Performance shall be measured by the percentage of students scoring at or above Approaches Grade Level (passing) on the STAAR.®
  • 3 The provision of these additional services constitute the complete liability of STAAR MASTER® under its guarantee and no refunds will be made or credits provided.