The STAAR MASTER® products provide practice and review.

Reading (revised for current TEKS)

The STAAR MASTER® Reading Work Texts offers a rich learning environment for students while they learn the TEKS needed for the STAAR® assessment. Now newly revised for the current interim standards, our Reading Work Texts have other additional updates that have also been added to enhance the effectiveness of the books overall.

  • New labeling provides educators with a valuable at-a-glance resource to breakdown new standards

  • Precise standard numbers and key-word tags provide educators with easy-to-use resources to breakdown new TEKS

  • All content considers the vertical alignment adopted by TEA to help educators bring this alignment to the classroom

Reading Workbook Titles

Student Practice Book



STAAR MASTER® Student Practice Books for Reading contain a large volume of items for literary and informational passage-based practice. The items are 100% aligned to the assessed TEKS and address all STAAR®-eligible standards. Each item is labeled for easy identification of the TEKS-based standard and expectation addressed.


These work texts are designed to provide high-quality targeted practice for the STAAR® in order to improve students’ knowledge and build test-taking confidence.

Companion Work Text

Companion Work Text - Reading


STAAR MASTER® Companion Work Texts for Reading are organized into lessons, which include activities to use before, during, and after each unit. Best of all, these work texts include open-ended and extended-response tasks that require students to use critical reading skills to develop correct, complete answers. All items and activities are 100% aligned to the assessed TEKS and address all STAAR®-eligible standards.


The primary goal of these supplemental instructional materials is to build students’ foundational knowledge, which will move them toward self-directed learning and problem solving.

Practice Tests

Practice Test - Reading


STAAR MASTER® Practice Tests for Reading cover all STAAR®-eligible standards between Form A and Form B. Each Practice Test reflects the test structure and content outlined in the corresponding STAAR® blueprint to provide the most authentic practice possible.


Teachers can use Practice Tests to diagnose students’ strengths and weaknesses in order to target instruction. Practice Tests also familiarize students with the STAAR® format to reduce text anxiety.

Teacher Guide



STAAR MASTER® Teacher Guides include an overview of its corresponding student work text, a master skills list, strategies for test preparation and instruction, a complete answer key with suggested responses for open-ended activities (Companion Work Texts only), and correlation charts as appropriate.


Teacher Guides are comprehensive resources that provide critical information and strategies for preparing students for the STAAR®.

  • A FREE Teacher Guide is included with each pack.
  • Teacher Guides are not for individual sale.