At Home Student Packs

For Schools and Parent Groups

For Schools:

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, some schools have decided to provide at-home student work packs to help students maintain their knowledge and skills. We are pleased to report that we have mobilized our operation to assist with this effort, and we can ship STAAR MASTER® work texts to schools in individual student packets for distribution to their students. Additionally, if needed, we are able to ship individual packets directly to students’ homes.

We can also work with schools to develop, print, and ship teacher and/or parent guides. These custom guides can be printed and delivered within 1 week. We can pre-pack work texts for the following subjects: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. “At-Home Packaging” will be available for a limited time and will be subject to our internal capacity.

Parent Groups:

If you are a part of a homeschooling association or parent group, we will be able to process orders for your members as well. We understand that this may be a new normal for many parents, therefore depending on your need, we can construct Parent Instruction Guides designed to help your stay-at-home students keep on top of their studies. Please note there is a minimum order requirement. If you’d like to learn more, please contact our customer care department and let us know you represent a parent organization. You can reach customer care at: 1.800.688.3224

FREE STAAR MASTER® Digital Licenses for Schools and Parent Groups:

Initially, we offered STAAR MASTER® Digital solution for schools only. As we began hearing from Parents, we have now extended this offer to Parent groups as well. Therefore, organizations that are able to leverage our online solution, STAAR MASTER® Digital, should take advantage of our Corona Virus Response FREE license offer. We have made available our award-winning online adaptive solutions for Math Grades 5–9, which include digital instruction, reporting/analytics, and assessments. This offer will end on June 30, 2020. For schools and parent groups wanting to implement STAAR MASTER® Digital in their summer programs or during the next school year, we would be delighted to create a custom quote for you and arrange a demonstration when needed.

STAAR MASTER®’s comprehensive print and digital product line provides complete coverage of grade-appropriate knowledge to prepare students to advance to the next grade level. To learn more, please call our Customer Care department or fill out our contact us form.

About Us

For nearly 40 years, ECS Learning Systems, makers of STAAR MASTER®, have built curriculum supplements for educators. Almost half the school districts across the state of Texas use STAAR MASTER®. Through our robust line of print and digital products, STAAR MASTER® helps students process instruction, apply knowledge against the standards, diagnose gaps in knowledge, and assess comprehension.