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STAAR MASTER® FASTER is an accelerated learning program that implements targeted, differentiated support to close student learning gaps. The program supports both teacher-facilitated intervention and self-paced learning. The tools in this intervention plan focus on the skills that will help students master the material at their grade level and equip them with the foundational knowledge needed to meet the rigor of highly tested grade-level standards.

This school year has been extremely challenging for educators, and creating a test-prep or remediation plan should not be something you need to worry about. Watch the video to listen to our RLA content lead describe how STAAR MASTER® FASTER takes the pressure off and saves you time.

Available for Math & Reading

Grades 3–8

Accelerated Learning Guide Samples

View samples of our new Accelerated Learning Guides for STAAR MASTER® FASTER.

We Make Teaching Easier

The included Accelerated Learning Guides were created by a former San Antonio-area Instructional Coach.

House Bill 4545 Solutions

STAAR MASTER® FASTER supports accelerated instruction practices outlined in House Bill 4545.