Curriculum Supplements

STAAR MASTER®’s comprehensive line of products work together to provide complete coverage of grade-appropriate knowledge to prepare students to advance to the next grade level. As supplemental instructional materials, STAAR MASTER® products can be used to help students process instruction, apply knowledge against the standards, diagnose gaps in knowledge, and assess comprehension.

Processing Knowledge

The STAAR MASTER® Companion Work Texts are organized into lessons and include open-ended and extended-response tasks that require students to use critical thinking skills to develop correct, complete answers.These resources can be self-directed and self-paced, and they provide an alternative way of approaching a skill or concept. This format helps students process prior instruction and exposes them to alternative instructional approaches. The work text is like an abridged textbook. Students learn new concepts more quickly than with a traditional textbook, and it can provide additional explanations of concepts so that students do not have only one example from which to learn.

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Applying Knowledge and Reviewing Standards

The STAAR MASTER®Student Practice Books and STAAR MASTER® Quick Reviews provide students with targeted practice in which to apply their knowledge against the standards. When used as part of the regular curriculum, these resources:

  • Pretest students’ skills
  • Determine students’ areas of strength/weakness
  • Assess students’ performance at different complexity levels
  • Provide meaningful practice for students

Diagnosing Knowledge Gaps and Assessing Comprehension

The STAAR MASTER® Practice Tests and STAAR MASTER® Digital courses diagnose students’ knowledge gaps to target further instruction. STAAR MASTER® Digital delivers a personalized set of lessons according to each student’s abilities and then provides remediation so that students can then fill any knowledge gaps. These resources also work in unison for real-time grading, reporting, and data analytics to assess whether students have mastered the skills and academic standards for their grade level.

STAAR MASTER® Digital can be used as a full curricular tool, in a blended, flip-the-classroom model, as a curricular supplement, as a remediation tool, as a fully virtual offering to students, or any mix of the above. STAAR MASTER® Digital delivers a personalized set of lessons according to each student’s abilities, as individual difficulty levels are assigned to each lesson.

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STAAR MASTER® assessments show students’ strengths by their comprehension of specific skills and, therefore, mastery of those skills’ standards. Combined with a strong curriculum and effective, varied instructional methods, the solutions provide the foundation for all appropriate standards preparation. For this reason, STAAR MASTER® offers work texts designed to supplement classroom curriculum by helping students acquire knowledge, practice skills, and reinforce educational experiences.